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Gift of Love The Rings

Authentic Rings made of
Silver, Gold and Platinum
Studded with Gems & Diamonds

Our diamond rings are authentic . Our claim is true-the diamonds, gemstones and precious metals on our site are both affordable and authentic. >>

Woman in Love
Elegant Necklaces
high quality diamond necklaces in classic and

We offer beautiful silver, gold, gemstone, pearl and diamond necklaces and pendants at outstanding prices. >>

Indian Tradition Redesigned

High quality
and diamond
studded bangles 

Our Collection includes high quality golden bangles studded with diamonds, in classic and modern styles. >>

Love Bites Designer Earrings

All types of yellow, white and two-tone earrings for any occasion.

We are pleased to present diamond earrings in classic and modern styles, sterling silver earrings, gemstone earrings and studs crafted in gold and platinum >>

Bond of Love
The Bracelets
designed to Perfection
studded with Diamonds
Fine Collection of elegant diamond bracelets, Sterling silver bracelets and Pearl bracelets featuring freshwater cultured pearls at outstanding prices >>

Love Cuffed The Cufflinks

gold, silver, gemstone, pearl and diamond cufflinks

Our Collection includes high quality gold, diamond, Pearl, Platinum, and Gemstone cufflinks, in classic and modern styles >>


designed to Perfection  sold to Satisfaction!

Jewellery has been part of the Indian civilization since ancient history. Ornaments made of gold, silver, copper, ivory, pottery and beads have been discovered in civilizations as ancient as the Harappa and Mohanjodaro.

The Indus valley goldsmith knew how to make moulds for metal and terra-cotta Necklace ornaments. Gold jewellery from these civilizations consist of bracelets, necklaces, bangles, ear ornaments, rings, head ornaments, brooches, girdles etc. This art has been perfected with modern styles and further materials used. Besides gold and other metal jewellery, stones, conch shells, wood, plant seeds etc. are used. Ethnic patterns, with intricate motifs are much in demand for their absorbing styles"

Kashmiri  CARPETS
QUALITY par excellence !

Kashmiri carpets are known world over for their quality, designs, motifs, material, durability and perfection of making.

We have a greatest collection of carpets in all the possible designs and colours. . .More>>

King of Kashmiri Handicrafts

Papier-mâché the special craft of Kashmir is better known to this part of world alone. Kashmiri artists create these masterpieces in all the traditional as well as modern motifs to the height of perfection and intricate designing.

These gold lined boxes come in all pattern and shapes that hold the treasure of yours. More>>

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